Mahtomedi Pavement Reconstruction

Client Mahtomedi High School
Mahtomedi, MN
Completion Date Fall 2017
Value $2,900,000
Services Performed
Sod, Seed & Erosion Control
Fencing & Site Amenities
Excavating & Utilities

Mahtomedi Pavement Reconstruction

The Mahtomedi High School and Middle School  reside within the same site  sharing access drives and parking lots.  The shared lots and drive lanes were in poor condition, in need of repair, and requiring new storm sewer infrastructure.  Additionally, due to high traffic volume, the lots had two unsafe  access points. As part of this project, one access point was eliminated and the other was  increased in size  including the addition of a traffic light.  The greatest challenge in completing this project was the timeframe in which it needed to be finished. We only had  68 days to complete the work while the school was on summer break.  Although many unforeseen obstacles were encountered, our crews worked long hours and weekends to meet the construction schedule. The following items are just a few of the undertakings that were completed by Peterson Companies:

  • Construction of 6 acres of parking lots and drive lanes
  • Export of over 45,000 CY of existing soils from the site
  • Import of over 35,000  tons of sand for parking lot soil correction
  • Installation of over 60 concrete structures including 8,400  feet  of storm drainage piping and two underground stormwater chamber systems
  • Over 3 acres of sod restoration 

Watch the construction process.

See the finished product.