US Bank Stadium

Client Minnesota Vikings
Minneapolis, MN
Completion Date Summer 2016
Value $280,000
Services Performed
Fencing & Site Amenities
Athletic Fields & Facilities

US Bank Stadium

Peterson Companies was selected by Promats, a design-build professional sports venue supplier, to install  their products in the new  US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings.  Since this stadium was designed as  a multi-purpose venue, careful consideration had to be taken  to ensure easy  transformation of  the stadium from event to event. Every item installed was custom built and designed  specifically for this project. Although this project was very complex and  detailed, we were  thrilled to add the  final touches  within our  hometown stadium!

Project included:​ 

  • Portable baseball outfield walls with safety padding (these systems were laid  out and cored into the concrete subbase to form  the baseball outfield wall) 
  • Custom safety wall padding 
  • Drinkrail padding
  • Custom football netting, including installation of winches for raising and lowering of the system 
  • Baseball backstop netting with numerous tiebacks and  installed with winches
  • Protective netting over baseball suites to protect spectators 
  • Safety netting over scoreboard
  • Custom tarps for covering seats when  retracted for various events