Landscaping & Design

Your home, beautified.

Our experienced landscape professionals work closely with you from design to installation to create an outdoor living space that reflects your style and the look of your home.

Walls & Walks

Restructure your outdoor space with style.

Expand your living space to the outdoors.  Create stability and add definition to hills, shorelines and gardens with a custom hardscape.  Both creative and unique, hardscapes made from natural stone, pavers, boulders, or block can transform your yard into a space you will love to share.


Just add water.

Your time and natural resources are invaluable.  By choosing to install an irrigation system, you save on both.  Using an automatic, underground system is a convenient, efficient, and rewarding way to water your lawn and landscaping.  Enjoy your healthy outdoor living space while you protect the environment and your property investment.

Peterson Companies also provides maintenance for any irrigation system, even systems we didn’t install.  Call us for your start up, winterization, or any other maintenance needs.


Seed & Sod

The grass is always greener with Peterson Companies.

Lush, healthy grass is the dream of most homeowners.  At Peterson Companies, we are experts in making that happen.  We take pride in our years of turf experience and can ensure that your lawn, new or existing, will reach its highest potential with us.

Water Features

Make a splash in your outdoor living.

Water features have the unique ability to influence your moods and emotions.  From a gentle trickle to a roaring cascade, water features can be incorporated into any property.  Peterson Companies specializes in creating naturalistic ponds and formal fountains by blending water elements with creative landscaping to create a relaxing retreat in your own yard.

Outdoor Lighting

Shed some light on it.

Landscape lighting adds beauty, character and safety to your home.  Installing path lights, accent lights, and deck lights enhances the unique styling of your home while offering the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space or hardscape design.  Peterson Companies can provide a range of lighting options to ensure your lighting compliments your home perfectly and creates the ideal results you are dreaming of.  

Material Sales & Delivery

Need the materials for a do-it-yourself project? We offer sale and delivery of black dirt, mulch, aggregate, and more.