What Sets Us Apart

First things first. Our employees are talented and driven. We work hard here to foster career development and make sure that our people are positioned where they can use their unique strengths to their greatest potential. Our people are the ones who get things done here; without them, we wouldn't be.   


When you contract with Peterson Companies, we perform the work. From initial site grading and excavation, down to the finishing touches and details of site amenities and unique landscape features, we do it all. Our ability to complete the majority of our projects with our own crews and equipment makes life easier for you. It gives us greater scheduling flexibility and absolute quality control over your entire project; and, it provides you with one contact who will  handle all of  your project's important details at every step along the way.


Once we are really good at something, we look for ways to do it better. We are constantly examining our methods and seeking better ways to provide you the best product as fast as we can. It’s a theme that runs throughout the entire company – from office procedures to the way we work in the field. We aren't afraid to try new things and are always looking for ways to integrate the latest technology into our practices. We think big. We think fast. We think ahead.


At Peterson Companies, we focus on quality work by knowing our customers' needs inside and out. Communication is key to staying on track with your needs, and we make it a top priority. We emphasize long-term quality of both product and service using only top-of-the-line materials, advanced equipment and skilled employees. We are committed to exceeding all of your expectations. We know you'll be impressed.


Our people put themselves at risk every day. Our goal for them is zero accidents and zero injuries. We take a proactive approach to safety by requiring and encouraging participation of our entire workforce in various programs and classes. We take pride in protecting our employees and sending them home without harm at the end of each day. After all, as we stated earlier, our people are the ones who get things done here; without them, we wouldn't be. They are our most valuable asset. 


How We Got Here

Shortly out of high school, Jon Peterson worked for the family farm and trucking company. While hauling and delivering sod for a local sod distributor, he was asked to install the sod he was delivering for a few customers, not knowing it would be the beginning of something great.  Soon the weekend sod installation projects turned into week-long projects and quickly it became a fulltime job. He had earned enough money for a down payment on a skidsteer by the end of that summer. 

In 1997, Peterson Landscaping was born after adding snowplowing, irrigation, and landscaping to our resume of mostly residential services. However, we were soon recruited to assist with federal relief cleanup after a disastrous tornado ripped through St. Peter, MN in the spring of 1998. Peterson was the first in and last out. This unique experience introduced us to the commercial landscape and outdoor construction industry.

Our company was incorporated in 1999 and began to make a name for itself; we haven't stopped growing since.  

As the services we offered continued to expand, we felt that our name didn't express what we were capable of. By the end of 2005, our team decided we needed a new name. We needed a name that would represent us currently and in years to come; we had big plans for this place. We all knew we were a young company, and the ride had only just begun. 

Many ideas were tossed around and we decided on 'Peterson Companies'. We were ready to make a statement that we were here to stay. Trucks were painted yellow, a new logo was introduced, and we set out to become the best.

Like most growing companies, we have celebrated many successes together as well as stuck together through many disappointments; but, today we stay focused on our original vision - to be great.

To be great at what we do, who we are, and how we do it...