Bielenberg Sports Complex/East Ridge High School

Woodbury, MN
Completion Date
Fall 2009
Services Performed

Bielenberg Sports Complex/East Ridge High School

We held many contracts while this 175+ acre mega complex was completed over the course of two years. The project was jointly funded by the City of Woodbury and the South Washington County School District.

All athletic fields and areas around the school are fully irrigated and run off a special order pump/well station that can pump over 1,400 gallons per minute. Approximately 10 different irrigation zones run concurrently during watering times. To put that into perspective, imagine watering the entire area of THREE full-size soccer fields at the same time!

Work completed included:

  • Over 400 zones of irrigation installed
  • Installation of flat panel under drainage and specialty sands beneath the soccer fields including laser guided final tolerance
  • Installation of a wide variety of trees and landscaping throughout the entire complex

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