Blaine Wetland Boardwalk

Blaine, MN
Completion Date
Summer 2017
Services Performed

Blaine Wetland Boardwalk

This public greenspace project serves the local community by connecting two large, residential neighborhoods in Blaine, Minnesota. The trail itself stretches 4,665 feet through a beautiful wetland full of abundant wildlife. The boardwalk consists of two different types of walks; one section is supported by helical piers drilled into the ground, and the other section is supported by pan feet. The project also includes three gravel paths and a viewing platform that overlooks the natural wetland areas. The installation of the boardwalk panels initially took place while the wetland was frozen during the winter months so that heavy equipment could access the site. Once the temperatures warmed up, each panel had to be driven out by motorized buggies one at time. This project was the first phase of many to come in this wetland area.

Watch the construction process.

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