Eagle Brook Church - Anoka

Anoka, MN
Completion Date
Spring 2017
Services Performed

Eagle Brook Church - Anoka

Converted from an old K-Mart, this new church needed to redevelop the site's parking lot, guest entrance, and landscaping. To accommodate for high attendance and traffic, a large parking lot was built with large landscaped medians. The medians were built to allow rainwater runoff to flow into the planting beds and distribute the excess water. The entrance of the building was designed with wide walkways, seat walls, and attractive plantings. The following are a few of the major items completed by Peterson Companies:

  • Installation of irrigation system
  • Planting over 2,000 plants, shrubs, and trees
  • Installation of 1,500 SY of sod
  • Sowing and maintenance of 300 lbs. of grass seed
  • Installation of rock and mulch in landscaped areas
  • Construction of retaining walls

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