Edina Promenade

Edina, MN
Completion Date
Fall 2015
Services Performed

Edina Promenade

The Edina Promenade was largely a beautification project which included work for many of our company’s divisions such as excavating, utilities, landscaping, irrigation, sod, fence, and site amenities. Over the course of the project, almost every one of our crews was on site due to the variety of work we were handling. The project included:

  • Removal of an existing pedestrian trail Removal and disposal of contaminated soils
  • Installation of 12,000 SF of colored, stamped, and customized concrete
  • Three plaza areas
  • Embedding rocks in the 350’ long stream to provide a look of fish swimming down the stream
  • 6,600 SF of colored-concrete, textured pond bottom
  • Installation of pond re-circulation pump system
  • Delivery and installation of over 400 tons of boulders
  • Planting 60 trees and over 3,400 perennials
  • Site furnishings including benches and arbors
  • Six stream crossings that will be stamped to look like an old, wood bridge deck.

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