Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN
Completion Date
Fall 2017
Services Performed

The Nicolet Mall Reconstruction was a unique and challenging project for Peterson Companies. In the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Peterson Companies was tasked with installing a water-efficient irrigation system stretching across twelve city blocks. With every business and storefront still open, specific care had to be taken to ensure safety for pedestrians. Temporary walkways for the public, congested city streets, and multiple contractors crowded into Nicollet Mall made hauling equipment and materials quite challenging. Eventually, after 18 months, a total of 19,000 feet of irrigation pipe and 16,850 feet of drip line was installed on the mile long pedestrian mall.

The completed irrigation system included two separate water sources to avoid boring under the city’s light rail system. The system includes 15 different moisture sensors throughout to measure moisture levels every three minutes. Utilizing cutting edge technology, the sensors can regulate the amount of water applied to the plant beds. This automated monitoring helps minimize the water usage onsite by limiting the sprinklers to run only when moisture levels are low. The controllers can also be adjusted remotely by site managers.

It was very exciting for Peterson Companies to be involved in such a unique, high-profile project and be able to provide the people of Minneapolis with a state-of-the-art irrigation system.

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